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onsite x-ray 

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onsite x-ray
  • We offer on-site digital x-ray exams and evaluations for all spine and extremity regions.

  • X-rays are performed for a variety of diagnostic purposes and are especially useful for showing detailed images of the skeletal structure. They are, however, limited to revealing soft tissue injuries or abnormalities.

  • X-Rays are NOT REQUIRED for all conditions. The need for x-rays will be determined through exam and patient history. In most cases of trauma, deformities, cancer, infection, bone disease, unexplained exam findings, or if symptoms worsen with care, then there is a need to take x-rays. However, many cases can be without the need of x-rays. If patients have already had x-rays taken elsewhere, we ask you to bring them in as they may be helpful in your diagnosis and treatment.

  • If necessary, we will order out for advanced imaging (MRI and CT Scans)

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