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active rehab

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Active Rehab

Active Rehab is the part of treatment that the patient actively participates in. This includes portions of Active Release Technique, stretching (mobility), and corrective exercises (stability and strength).

Corrective Exercises allow the doctors to place the patients in proper movement patterns to correct faulty movement issues. These exercises are vital in not only aiding in the rehab process, but keeping the injury from reoccurring. Corrective exercises are one of the important keys to functional longevity without further injuries or chronic pain.

There are the rehab steps and guidelines we follow:

  • Mobility – reestablish functional range of motion (ROM) using ART; Graston/Fuzion; Chiropractic Adjustments; static, dynamic, active isolated, and Proprioceptive neutromuscular facilitated (PNF) stretching; foam rolling; lacrosse ball work; and range of motion drills

  • Static Stability – being able to hold a position or posture against outside force

  • Dynamic Stability – being able to move correctly through range of motion against an outside force

  • Strength – loading the movement and increasing force output

  • Power – applying maximum force quickly

  • Performance – applying the above principles to your sport specifically

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